Course Objectives:

Project Management for Accounting and Financial Professionals is designed to provide accountants with the knowledge and skills to become an effective member of a project team. The course will equip accountants with the skills to operate in both traditional project methodology environments and contemporary methodologies (e.g. Agile and Critical Chain).

The course provides examples of a wide range of accounting and reporting techniques, necessary to be an effective project accountant.  It provides an understanding of what is involved to ensure each stage of a project can be understood and implemented effectively. Each unit in the course is designed to maximise the learner’s chance of success by ensuring he/she will have the right blend of knowledge, experience, and perspectives.


  • Development of project management skills
  • Requirements in project accounting
  • Project management methodology and processes
  • Managing a project team

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understanding of contemporary project management methodologies
  • Requirements for establishing and managing a successful project
  • Issues to be aware of in managing a project
  • How to evaluate the financial viability of a project
  • Knowledge in the accounting issues that are specific to projects
  • Understanding of the accountant’s role and responsibilities in the management of a project
  • People skills required for being a successful project team member
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals who may be involved in a project
  • Project accountants
  • Finance and business managers
  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals who are committed to creating added value for their organisations and/or their clients
The Project Management for Accounting Professionals course is designed that each unit of the course uses a multi-sensory learning platform that includes videos, practice exercises, with solutions; learning interactions; decision trees; quizzes; and a case study following a Project from conception to closure.
There are 6 units in the course. Each unit comprises  of 7 hours of structured learning and 42 hours for the 6 unit package. Units can be taken either as an individual unit or as a fully integrated package. The individual units cover the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Project Initiation
  3. Project Planning
  4. Project Accounting
  5. Project Execution
  6. Project Close Out
Each individual unit in the course is structured to qualify for 7 hours of CPD/CPE hours or 42 hours for the whole course (refer to your professional organisation for compliance requirements).

Upon completion of the course (6 units in total), a Professional Certificate in Project Management will be issued certified by the WORLD CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE.


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