How Top CPA Firms Are Adapting to Emerging Trends

From disruptive technology to generational shifts, those of us in the accounting profession know we are in the midst of major transformation. While some firms are unwilling to accept and adapt to the imminent change, many are tackling the challenge head-on by incorporating the latest trends into the way they do business. By Jon Baron Managing Director, [...]

5 Tricks to Improve Team Communication

There are a lot of ways to measure your project success – e.g., client satisfaction, ROI, revenue, net profit, happy customers – but there is only one way to reach project success: communication. All of the aforementioned stuff is good, but none can be achieved without perfect team communication. In fact, your project health is [...]

Project Management Today: Far Beyond a Technical Role

As business becomes increasingly more complex and as competition in the marketplace heats up, people who have the necessary skills to manage projects and who can execute upon the overall strategy of their organizations are at a distinct advantage. Having only the technical skills just doesn’t cut it anymore. Read more by JOE CZARNECKI

How one firm is accounting for the future

William Buck national chairman Nick Hatzistergos FCPA is an old hand who applies a proactive approach to capitalise on new disruptors. Everyone can have 20/20 hindsight, but identifying future trends and properly planning for them is different.Accounting has become an “always-on” profession, and finding ways to future-proof it has never been more important or challenging. [...]

Are You Ready to Lead in a VUCA World?

Are You Fit for the Future? Digital disruption, global reach, and the changing workplace affect us all, and at all levels - individual, team, organisation, and community. Gihan Perera is a futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives business leaders a glimpse into what's ahead - and how they can become fit for the [...]

Will Automation Take Over Senior Finance Jobs?

Could the roles of senior finance executives grow obsolete, replaced by a robot or other technology? Some of them apparently think so, according to a poll by the New York chapter of Financial Executives International. By David McCann


Keeping a project management team running smoothly can be a challenge, especially when budgets are lean and expectations are high. Every manager needs to figure out the best way to lead and motivate, but a few baseline principles will keep you pointed down the right path. By PMAlliance

Machine Learning Isn’t the End for Accountants

The introduction of technology to replace labor is hardly new - society has been grappling with this issue since the invention of the printing press. So what is it about the current automation conversation that is striking fear into the hearts of so many? By Ryan Watson CPA