Course Objectives:

The course will provide accounting and finance professionals with the knowledge and skills to become an effective member of a global business team. It will provide a sound understanding of issues faced and what is required to effectively operate and manage the complexity of the international environment.


  • Understanding the concepts and definitions related to globalisation, multinational enterprises, and international trade
  • Development of global business management skills that can be applied in current and future roles
  • Realising the potential of individuals to be world class professionals

Learning Outcomes:

  • Greater understanding of the global business environment
  • Understanding of the challenges in operating and/or managing within a global environment
  • Understanding of accounting issues for multinational organisations
  • Awareness of the impact cultural differences can have on communication and performance
  • Develop a broader understanding of globalisation and international trade
  • CFOs and senior financial managers
  • Departmental / functional managers operating across a global platform
  • Accounting and finance staff working in a global organisation
  • Accounting and finance staff involved in or may be assigned to a global project/ team
  • Key staff in a domestic based business that is looking at global expansion
The Global Business for Accounting Professionals course is designed that each unit of the course uses a multi-sensory learning platform that includes explainer videos, problem-solving exercises; learning interactions; interactive decision trees; quizzes; and a series of case studies requiring the student to provide global business advice.
There are 6 units in the course. Each unit comprises  of 6 hours of structured learning and 36 hours for the 6 unit package. Units can be taken either as an individual unit or as a fully integrated package. The individual units cover the following areas:

  1. Globalisation & Multinational Enterprises
  2. International Trade Law
  3. Import / Export
  4. International Trade Finance
  5. International Marketing
  6. Operating in Other Cultures
Each individual unit in the course is structured to qualify for 6 hours of CPD/CPE hours or 36 hours for the whole course (refer to your professional organisation for compliance requirements).

Upon completion of the course (6 units in total), a Professional Certificate in Global Management will be issued certified by the WORLD CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE.


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